September 11

September 11-15 Lesson Plans for IPC

This week we will learn and practice converting units of measurement within the metric system and from the metric system to/from the English Standard system.  This will help us all year as we do labs and assignments.  Also, this will prepare them for future Chemistry and Physics classes.


Metric Conversion Chart notebook entry

Metric Conversion practice problems and partner evaluation (if time)


Metric System Conversion Practice Task cards —  differentiation based on depth of questioning in each bag of cards— beginner, moderate, advanced


Dimensional Analysis notebook entry and practice problems (to glue in notebook)

Metric Conversion Kahoot (if they enjoy the slap game, I may just let them keep playing and do this tomorrow)



Metric Conversion and Dimensional Analysis Kahoot-formative assessment

Dimensional Analysis Dominoes activity


Dimensional Analysis challenging problems notebook entry

Dimensional Analysis challenging problems — differentiated by answer bank and level of questioning. (Versions A,B, and C)

HW: None!

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