February 2

IPC Lesson Plans, Feb. 5-9

This week we will be discussing renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.


5H:analyze energy transformations of renewable and nonrenewable resources

5I: critique the advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources and their impact on society and the environment.



Nonrenewable resource notebook entry

5th: Fossil Fuels Ch. 8 section 1 assignment

Ted Ed fossil fuel video clip

8th: Fossil fuel checklist and alaskan pipeline assignment


Renewable resource notebook entry

Renewable resource assignment using CH. 8, section 3

Wind energy assignment using website


Freshmen are taking the STAAR benchmark today


Discuss Nuclear Energy

Watch “The Nuclear Option”  A NOVA special that aired January 2017

Writing Assignment


Finish Nuclear Option

Complete writing assignment

Discuss nuclear energy career options

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