February 26

IPC Lesson Plans 2/26 to 3/2

Here are the objective we will focus on this week along with memorizing element symbols:

6(B)  relate chemical properties of substances to the arrangement of their atoms or molecules;

6(C)  analyze physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds such as color, density, viscosity, buoyancy, boiling point, freezing point, conductivity, and reactivity;

7(B)  recognize that chemical changes can occur when substances react to form different substances and that these interactions are largely determined by the valence electrons;


Element, compound and mixture notes and concept map

Finish flashcards and study, Quiz over #1-20 tomorrow


Element #1-20 quiz

Iron and salt mixture lab


Physical and Chemical property and change notebook entry (will have to catch up with 8th)


Lava Lamp Lab


Element symbol quiz (#1-37)

Physical and Chemical change review activity (8th catch up on notebook)

Physical and chemical change video and checklist assignment

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