April 3

IPC Lesson Plans April 2-6

This week we will work with different models for Atomic Structure!

Monday:  Bohr Model Candy activity (use candy as electrons for electron placement practice)

Tuesday: Electron Dot Model notes and assignment

Wednesday: Atomic Structure Review activity

Thursday: Atomic Structure TEST

Friday: Color a periodic table for metals and nonmetals; Periodic Table Scavenger hunt


March 25

IPC Lesson Plans March 26-29

This week we will be studying the structure of the atom and how to read the periodic table.

Monday:  Atomic Structure Notebook assignment.  Their Atomic Theory Timeline presentations are due at the start of class today.

Tuesday: Build An Atom Virtual Lab, If extra time: Review element symbols Kahoot

Wednesday: How to Read the Periodic Table notebook entry; Periodic Table Practice assignment (finish for homework if you do not finish in class)

Thursday: Bohr model notebook entry; Bohr model electron coloring


February 26

IPC Lesson Plans 2/26 to 3/2

Here are the objective we will focus on this week along with memorizing element symbols:

6(B)  relate chemical properties of substances to the arrangement of their atoms or molecules;

6(C)  analyze physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds such as color, density, viscosity, buoyancy, boiling point, freezing point, conductivity, and reactivity;

7(B)  recognize that chemical changes can occur when substances react to form different substances and that these interactions are largely determined by the valence electrons;


Element, compound and mixture notes and concept map

Finish flashcards and study, Quiz over #1-20 tomorrow


Element #1-20 quiz

Iron and salt mixture lab


Physical and Chemical property and change notebook entry (will have to catch up with 8th)


Lava Lamp Lab


Element symbol quiz (#1-37)

Physical and Chemical change review activity (8th catch up on notebook)

Physical and chemical change video and checklist assignment

February 19

IPC Lesson Plans Feb. 19-23

Monday: President’s Day Holiday

Tuesday: Scuba diving TED-ed video and Boyle’s Law practice domino activity

Wednesday: Review assignment and finish domino activity if you didn’t finish yesterday. Test tomorrow!

Thursday: Matter test – States of Matter, Phase Changes, and Boyle’s Law

Friday: Pass back tests, Element name and symbol flashcards

Quiz over the first 20 elements on Tuesday!

February 2

IPC Lesson Plans, Feb. 5-9

This week we will be discussing renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.


5H:analyze energy transformations of renewable and nonrenewable resources

5I: critique the advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources and their impact on society and the environment.



Nonrenewable resource notebook entry

5th: Fossil Fuels Ch. 8 section 1 assignment

Ted Ed fossil fuel video clip

8th: Fossil fuel checklist and alaskan pipeline assignment


Renewable resource notebook entry

Renewable resource assignment using CH. 8, section 3

Wind energy assignment using website


Freshmen are taking the STAAR benchmark today


Discuss Nuclear Energy

Watch “The Nuclear Option”  A NOVA special that aired January 2017

Writing Assignment


Finish Nuclear Option

Complete writing assignment

Discuss nuclear energy career options

September 5

Lesson Plans September 5-9

This week we will review the scientific method, assess our knowledge of lab safety and the scientific method, and begin converting within the metric system.

TEKS Covered this week:  1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 6C, 6E


Cabbage Juice Indicator Lab – this lab helps the students experience the scientific method while introducing them to acids and bases.


Review assignment for test

Variables Color Sheet for extra credit


Lab Safety and Scientific Method Test

HW: Complete color sheet for extra credit


Introduction to the metric system


August 29

August 28-September 1 IPC Lesson Plans

This week we are focusing on using lab equipment and setting up experiments.

TEKS covered:  1A, 1B, 2B, 2C, 2E


Video clip: Metric system Ted Ed

Diagrams in notebook: Thermometer, Graduated cylinder

Arm Span vs. Height Metric Practice Activity


Lab Equipment Practice Lab (meet in room 119)


Scientific Method Foldable, glue in notebook


Scientific Method review

Hypothesis or not activity

Scientific method assignment on chromebook

HW: Complete scientific method assignment if you don’t finish in class


Scientific Method vocab

Paper Plane Scientific Method experiment


August 22

August 21-25 IPC Lesson Plans


Eclipse Day!  We viewed the eclipse during 5th period.

Myth of Multitasking video and Switchtasking Activity

Discuss Lab Safety

HW: Get Lab Safety contract signed by Wednesday


Big Bang Theory safety video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wmn-U01b_Q

Walk down and visit the lab

Enroll in Google classroom on Chromebook

Minions Lab Safety assignment on google classroom

HW: Get Lab Safety Contract signed


Set up notebook: title and number pages

Glue Lab License in

Glue Lab Safety Rules in

Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning notes


Claim, Evidence, Reasoning assignment

Concussions in Sports reading and questions


Universal Screener

Optical Illusion activity