August 14

August 17-18

Welcome to your first week of IPC!

Thursday, 8/17:

Student information assignment (to get to know you)

House of Cards Activity

Pass out Policies and Procedures page

HW: Read through the policies and procedures with parent/guardian and get the appropriate signatures, Bring supplies

Friday, 8/18:


I changed this due to the fact that freshmen are just getting their Chromebooks today.

Mindset Assessment and Video clips.  Do you have a fixed action mindset or a growth mindset?

HW: Bring supplies and get signatures if needed

TEKS: 1A, 1B, 2A

August 10

Supplies for IPC 2017-2018

Hi!  It’s another exciting school year.  Here are some supplies you’ll need for IPC:

Composition notebook (100 pages, to be used for IPC only)


Red pen/pencil (or another brighter color!)

Chromebook (charged each night)

Folder/binder to keep handouts and graded papers in (can share this with another class)

Optional: Calculator (we have a class set of 24, but if you prefer your own)


I know this isn’t possible for every family, but if you could get the following to donate to the class we’d appreciate it!

  1. A roll of paper towels OR a box of tissues (pick one)
  2. One package of glue sticks