May 6

IPC Lesson Plans, May 7-11

Let’s finish strong everyone! We are getting into our very last new topic….Balancing Chemical Equations.

Monday: I have to take my daughter to the doctor, so there will be a sub this afternoon.  You will be working on an Introduction to Balancing Equations activity.

Tuesday: Algebra I STAAR…..Most of y’all are taking this STAAR test, so I am going to do a Law of Conservation of Mass Demo and we will relax a little….I know you’ll be drained!

Wednesday: Law of Conservation of Mass and Balancing equations notebook entry and practice

Thursday: Balancing Chemical Equations practice group activity; notebook entry

Friday: Balancing Chemical Equations review and practice…..Quiz on Monday!

April 16

IPC Plans April 16-20

Monday: Minerals in the Human Body Assignment –  be able to describe some minerals that are essential for the functioning of our bodies

Tuesday: Counting atoms Interactive Notebook assignment and Counting atoms Maze

Wednesday: Common Compound Chart (group activity); Chemical formula practice assignment (counting atoms)

Thursday: Chemical Bond concept map; Ionic and covalent bond notebook entry and assignment

Friday: Ionic and Covalent Chemical Bond sorting activity


April 9

IPC Lesson Plans April 9-13

This week we will be contrasting Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids.

Monday: Treasures of the Earth: Metals NOVA documentary and discussion questions

Tuesday: 9th grade STAAR test; Finish Treasures of the Earth

Wednesday: Metal in my Cereal? Lab

Thursday: Properties of Metals notebook assignment; Categories of Metals notebook assignment

Friday: Complete notebook assignment; Minerals in the Human Body activity

April 3

IPC Lesson Plans April 2-6

This week we will work with different models for Atomic Structure!

Monday:  Bohr Model Candy activity (use candy as electrons for electron placement practice)

Tuesday: Electron Dot Model notes and assignment

Wednesday: Atomic Structure Review activity

Thursday: Atomic Structure TEST

Friday: Color a periodic table for metals and nonmetals; Periodic Table Scavenger hunt


March 25

IPC Lesson Plans March 26-29

This week we will be studying the structure of the atom and how to read the periodic table.

Monday:  Atomic Structure Notebook assignment.  Their Atomic Theory Timeline presentations are due at the start of class today.

Tuesday: Build An Atom Virtual Lab, If extra time: Review element symbols Kahoot

Wednesday: How to Read the Periodic Table notebook entry; Periodic Table Practice assignment (finish for homework if you do not finish in class)

Thursday: Bohr model notebook entry; Bohr model electron coloring


March 20

IPC Lesson Plans: March 20-23

This week we will be focusing on the scientists that contributed to the modern day atomic theory.  The students will be creating a presentation that can be used to teach someone else!

Monday: Student Holiday

Tuesday: History of the Atom Ted-Ed video, Begin creating your Atomic Theory Timeline presentations

Wednesday: Atomic Theory presentations

Thursday: UIL District Meet Day

Friday: Peer editing of the presentations; Finishing touches on presentations; Review Kahoot on Element Symbols

March 5

IPC Lesson Plans 3/5-3/9

Monday:  Element Symbol Quiz!  We will also prepare for our lab tomorrow by reading the procedure and answering some pre-lab questions on google classroom.

Tuesday: Chromatography Lab (separating ink mixtures)

Wednesday: Spa Vandalism Lab, Day 1

Thursday: Spa Vandalism Lab, Day 2

Friday: Matter Review Activity, to recap what we’ve learned through our labs the past 2 weeks

February 26

IPC Lesson Plans 2/26 to 3/2

Here are the objective we will focus on this week along with memorizing element symbols:

6(B)  relate chemical properties of substances to the arrangement of their atoms or molecules;

6(C)  analyze physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds such as color, density, viscosity, buoyancy, boiling point, freezing point, conductivity, and reactivity;

7(B)  recognize that chemical changes can occur when substances react to form different substances and that these interactions are largely determined by the valence electrons;


Element, compound and mixture notes and concept map

Finish flashcards and study, Quiz over #1-20 tomorrow


Element #1-20 quiz

Iron and salt mixture lab


Physical and Chemical property and change notebook entry (will have to catch up with 8th)


Lava Lamp Lab


Element symbol quiz (#1-37)

Physical and Chemical change review activity (8th catch up on notebook)

Physical and chemical change video and checklist assignment

February 19

IPC Lesson Plans Feb. 19-23

Monday: President’s Day Holiday

Tuesday: Scuba diving TED-ed video and Boyle’s Law practice domino activity

Wednesday: Review assignment and finish domino activity if you didn’t finish yesterday. Test tomorrow!

Thursday: Matter test – States of Matter, Phase Changes, and Boyle’s Law

Friday: Pass back tests, Element name and symbol flashcards

Quiz over the first 20 elements on Tuesday!