September 18

Lesson Plans, September 18-22

This week we will practice manipulating the density formula to calculate density, mass and volume.  We will also review our measurement conversions to prepare for our summative test.


We will complete our Challenging Density problems the first part of class.  I was so proud of my IPC students, they did so well last Friday on these.

Density practice problems, for notebook


Density review discussion

Density for Chocoholics Lab


Density review and Mass,Volume, & Density Task Cards


Discuss the upcoming test (go through notebook, to make sure they are caught up)

Review Assignment: Metric Conversion, Dimensional Analysis, and Density


Test: Metric Conversion, Dimensional Analysis, and Density

HW: Comparing Densities Assignment

September 11

September 11-15 Lesson Plans for IPC

This week we will learn and practice converting units of measurement within the metric system and from the metric system to/from the English Standard system.  This will help us all year as we do labs and assignments.  Also, this will prepare them for future Chemistry and Physics classes.


Metric Conversion Chart notebook entry

Metric Conversion practice problems and partner evaluation (if time)


Metric System Conversion Practice Task cards —  differentiation based on depth of questioning in each bag of cards— beginner, moderate, advanced


Dimensional Analysis notebook entry and practice problems (to glue in notebook)

Metric Conversion Kahoot (if they enjoy the slap game, I may just let them keep playing and do this tomorrow)



Metric Conversion and Dimensional Analysis Kahoot-formative assessment

Dimensional Analysis Dominoes activity


Dimensional Analysis challenging problems notebook entry

Dimensional Analysis challenging problems — differentiated by answer bank and level of questioning. (Versions A,B, and C)

HW: None!

September 5

Lesson Plans September 5-9

This week we will review the scientific method, assess our knowledge of lab safety and the scientific method, and begin converting within the metric system.

TEKS Covered this week:  1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 6C, 6E


Cabbage Juice Indicator Lab – this lab helps the students experience the scientific method while introducing them to acids and bases.


Review assignment for test

Variables Color Sheet for extra credit


Lab Safety and Scientific Method Test

HW: Complete color sheet for extra credit


Introduction to the metric system


August 29

August 28-September 1 IPC Lesson Plans

This week we are focusing on using lab equipment and setting up experiments.

TEKS covered:  1A, 1B, 2B, 2C, 2E


Video clip: Metric system Ted Ed

Diagrams in notebook: Thermometer, Graduated cylinder

Arm Span vs. Height Metric Practice Activity


Lab Equipment Practice Lab (meet in room 119)


Scientific Method Foldable, glue in notebook


Scientific Method review

Hypothesis or not activity

Scientific method assignment on chromebook

HW: Complete scientific method assignment if you don’t finish in class


Scientific Method vocab

Paper Plane Scientific Method experiment


August 22

August 21-25 IPC Lesson Plans


Eclipse Day!  We viewed the eclipse during 5th period.

Myth of Multitasking video and Switchtasking Activity

Discuss Lab Safety

HW: Get Lab Safety contract signed by Wednesday


Big Bang Theory safety video clip

Walk down and visit the lab

Enroll in Google classroom on Chromebook

Minions Lab Safety assignment on google classroom

HW: Get Lab Safety Contract signed


Set up notebook: title and number pages

Glue Lab License in

Glue Lab Safety Rules in

Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning notes


Claim, Evidence, Reasoning assignment

Concussions in Sports reading and questions


Universal Screener

Optical Illusion activity


August 14

August 17-18

Welcome to your first week of IPC!

Thursday, 8/17:

Student information assignment (to get to know you)

House of Cards Activity

Pass out Policies and Procedures page

HW: Read through the policies and procedures with parent/guardian and get the appropriate signatures, Bring supplies

Friday, 8/18:


I changed this due to the fact that freshmen are just getting their Chromebooks today.

Mindset Assessment and Video clips.  Do you have a fixed action mindset or a growth mindset?

HW: Bring supplies and get signatures if needed

TEKS: 1A, 1B, 2A

August 10

Supplies for IPC 2017-2018

Hi!  It’s another exciting school year.  Here are some supplies you’ll need for IPC:

Composition notebook (100 pages, to be used for IPC only)


Red pen/pencil (or another brighter color!)

Chromebook (charged each night)

Folder/binder to keep handouts and graded papers in (can share this with another class)

Optional: Calculator (we have a class set of 24, but if you prefer your own)


I know this isn’t possible for every family, but if you could get the following to donate to the class we’d appreciate it!

  1. A roll of paper towels OR a box of tissues (pick one)
  2. One package of glue sticks