January 29

IPC Lesson Plans January 29 to Feb 2

This week we are finishing our marble roller coaster projects!

Monday and Tuesday: Marble Roller Coaster work days

Wednesday: Show off and test your roller coasters!  Calculate velocity, potential energy and kinetic energy.

Thursday: Fossil Fuels assignment, using Chapter 8, section 1.  Begin discussing nonrenewable and renewable energy sources.

Friday: Nonrenewable resource notebook entry, fossil fuel checklist and Alaskan pipeline assignment


October 20

Oct. 2-6 IPC Plans

I had plans but forgot to post them!

Here is what we did in class:

Monday: Anatomy of a Distance Time Graph notebook entry

Running Wolf assignment (page 1)


Distance time graph example with numbers, using the graph to calculate speed notebook entry

Tortoise and the Hare assignment – application grade


½ day

Complete Tortoise and the Hare activity

Speed Kahoot


Speed Quiz

8th: Finish Tortoise and the Hare activity


Sub here today!

Acceleration introduction book assignment


September 25

IPC Lesson Plans: September 25-29

This week we will calculate speed and create distance-time graphs to analyze motion.


4(A)  describe and calculate an object’s motion in terms of position, displacement, speed, and acceleration;

4(B)  measure and graph distance and speed as a function of time using moving toys;



Cheetah video clip:


Speed and Velocity intro video clip:  Sports in Science NHL  http://www.nbclearn.com/science-of-nhl-hockey

Ch. 2, section 1 book assignment, glue in notebook

Back pages of the running wolf assignment (distance and displacement)


Hot Wheels Speed Lab


Speed Triangle notes

Complete hot wheel velocity lab report


Speed practice problems


Tracing the Racecar assignment